18 Things Women Only Do With The Men They Love (Does She Love You?) ????????????

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Learn how to know if a girl loves you by looking out for these 18 things a woman will only do with the men they love!

Love and lust are two completely different emotions that both stem from the affection towards someone. And in times you can be caught in a relationship where you aren't too sure if the person you are with loves you or if they just have a strong attraction. And understanding if a woman loves you, you know whether you can stick around or if you should quite literally throw the relationship in the bin. And of course love is a very complicated matter to talk about, it's not something that we necessarily see but it's something that we feel from the other person. And of course people's upbringings can shape how they actually love another person. However, with the insight from today's video you will be able to examine someone's behavior to find out if they do in fact love you

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0:00 Intro
0:44 How to know if a girl loves you
0:51 She forgives you lots of times
1:17 She puts her foot down
1:46 Comes to you for advice
2:07 She makes time for you
2:34 You are her priority
3:03 She acts quick when you are hurting
3:24 Sacrificial behaviour
3:47 She acts a little bit like a mum
4:15 She encourages and supports your goals
4:49 She encourages you to be a better person
5:07 She helps you through your down days
5:29 She is delighted for you to meet her family
5:48 She tries her hardest to be close to your VIPs
6:16 She will not take advantage of you
6:40 She talks about the future
6:59 She can be vulnerable with you
7:22 You can feel the love
8:02 She shares her happy moments with you

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