8 Gruesome Body Horror Movies You Should Check Out!

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Interested in Body Horror films? Then Check these 8 horror movies out.
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One of my favourite subgenres Body horror is pretty different from your more typical slashers, and paranormal thrillers as they deliberately focus on the human body itself. Usually having characters exhibiting either graphic transformations such as werewolves. Or deformations and mutations that lead to the eventual death/destruction of that particular character.

I'm aiming for body horror films that are either excessively gross with lots of melodrama. Or have some focus on... over the top human transformations.
And to mix things up I'm also going to be a little controversial this time and not pick any John Carpenter, or David Cronenberg flicks. As while they are among some of my favourite directors, I've pretty much already covered all their excellent works in previous videos.

List for TL;DR or otherwise known as hemomancer cheat sheet.
1 Altered States -1980
2 Slither -2006
3 Society -1989
4 Tokyo Gore Police -2008
5 Eraserhead -1977
6 Hellraiser -1987
7 Dead Alive/Braindead -1992
8 Basket Case -1982

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Check my channel out for monthly Netflix movies, video essays, genre suggestions, science fiction, science fantasy content. Oh and I guess you could call this a Top 10 list or Top 8. 8 Gruesome Body Horror Movies You Should Check Out my other videos like disgusting horror or other similar scary videos.

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