Asian Doll | Before They Were Famous | King Von's Ex-Girlfriend & Rap Star's Biography

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Asian Doll | Before They Were Famous | King Von's Ex-Girlfriend & Rap Star's Biography
Host Azalea Hart:

Rapper Asian Doll was born in Dallas, Texas in 1997. She moved around a lot and began rapping while still very young, eventually establishing a time-consuming high-profile career while still in high school, aided in no small part by an even more wide-reaching social media presence. Ultimately, she dropped out of high school to focus on her growing fame. Asian Doll's first recording dropped in 2015 with her Rise of the Barbie Doll Gang EP. She followed at a prolific clip from there, releasing mixtapes Drippin' in Glo and Project Princess, Vol. 1 the next year, and continuing in 2017 with Outta Space and K Bill, Vol. 1. Amid her constant flow of new music, there was also constant turmoil, as she frequently had very public beefs with other rappers, most notably former friend Cuban Doll as well as Bali Baby. More recently she lost her ex-boyfriend, King Von, in a tragic street altercation. Asian Doll’s initial reaction on Saturday to the tragic news came through a series of horrifying tweets posted shortly after reports came out of his passing. Find out more about her come up and more in this video.

King Von | Gone But Not Forgotten:

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