Baby Navey meets Niko & Adley???? Hospital Story with Jenny and our kids made an indoor castle fort

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Baby sister has her FiRST Best Day Ever ????


Best Kiddos Day Ever 1145

Do you know what never gets old?!! Visiting our baby girl!! She's so cute! She has the chubbiest little cheeks and little tiny toes. I love just going and seeing her with Jenny so we can all cuddle and listen to the cute little noises she makes!! I love her soooo much!!

After our morning visit with Navey (yes that's right, we reveal the name of our new baby) we give you guys a behind the scenes look at how crazy our day was figuring out that Jenny was going to have the baby, making sure Aldey and Niko Bear were ok, getting to the hospital, having a natural birth, and eventually getting to meet and hold Navey!

After making sure my girls are ok, I head back home to see the kiddos!! I've missed Adley and Niko so much. I get home and Adley shows me a brand new castle fort she made in the basement! It's huge!! Could easily be a new toy in our backyard lol! After exploring that castle, we call Jenny so that Niko and Adley can meet Navey! They are all so cute, learning her name and saying hi to her for the very first time. I can't wait for us to bring her home so they can meet in person. I was so cute when Adley met her baby brother!

I freshen up and get ready to head back to see Mom and baby, when Adley and Niko team up on me for a wrestling match followed by a pillow fight. These two are crazy!! I finally make it to the hospital, where I find Jenny holding sleeping Navey and we decide to spend the evening together!! Best night ever stuff for sure!!

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