BABY YODA Explained: Who The Mandalorian Character Really Is | Fan Theories & Season 2 Predictions

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Baby Yoda Explained: Who The Mandalorian Character Really Is | Best Fan Theories & Season 2 Predictions. We breakdown who The Child could be with the best fan theories about the character and how he ties into the overall Star Wars universe.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul aka Baby Yolo and this video we're breaking down the best fan theories on the Galaxy's biggest genocidal maniac.

That is Baby Yoda.

Though we're two seasons into The Mandalorian, there's still very little that we know about him beyond his desire to eat every endangered species in The Star Wars Universe. However, we've pieced together what could be going on with The Child due to the things that we have confirmed about the expanded universe.

The last time I did a deep dive on the character was before the release of The Rise Of Skywalker but now that the closing chapter to the sequel saga is out in the open we can pretty much gather that he was never given over to the Rebels, Leia, Rey or Luke.

Now there are several decades between the events of The Mandalorian and The Force Awakens, however as he was never part of the rebels that we encountered in any of the trilogy, we do know that if Mando ever came across them then they didn't hang around for very long.

That doesn't completely rule out an interaction with Luke Skywalker, however as the character was pretty much a hermit for a vast majority of time, he likely didn't encounter the creature either.

So, I think it is a pretty safe assumption to make that if the child did end up with it's own people then this was likely on the outer rim, far away from The Empire and First Order.

Now before he became an entire Mood that reduced people online to tears, the creature was referred to as The Asset, a high-value target that was extremely sought after by a mysterious, imperial figure known as The Client.

We discovered in Season 1 that it was actually Moff Gideon that was after the child and because of this we can gather that The Imperial Forces knew of Baby Yoda and likely had something to do with either his creation or the reason he had to go into hiding. As we know, The Child has a tracking device within it that someone would have had to have placed there and as the Imperials have access to this I think it's easy to connect the dots here.

The Client seemed very Blaise about whether The Mandalorian had to bring it in alive, and he only stopped to suggest another option at the insistence of his ally, Dr. Pershing. Thus we can assume that The Client views it as disposable which could indeed hint toward's it's origins.

Now upon arriving at the asset, The Mandalorian discovered that there were several other bounty hunters in the area were after it. This included IG-11 voiced by Taiki Waiti and later ones that look like they come from the same species as Bossk.

Episode Two of Season 2 also had a group of bounty hunters trying to take it in and these were likely hired by Moff Gideon who, as we know, is still after the child.

Now though we don't know the identity of the baby just yet, we do know that it is 50 years into a roughly 900-year lifespan and that it comes from the same species as Yoda.

We don't actually know the name of Yoda's species and whilst several sources list them as being called Lanniks, George Lucas has often refuted this, stating that he wants the race to remain a mystery.

When discussing Yoda's origins in an interview with Moviefone, Lucas said:

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