Barbie Etsy Haul: Barbie Repaint, Doll Outfits & More! #6

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For this Barbie Etsy Haul, I bought my first doll repaint! I also got outfits for my doll series Life with Barbie to use for my next episode (ft. those amazing tuxedos for Ken sized male dolls yass! lol) we got beautiful outfits from Dollsydoll and more! I was also sent a huge box of doll hair and rerooting tools from TheDollPlanet with a few giveaway prizes! I am super excited about all of the new hair colors! (especially the ones that I saw and knew I could use right away for other videos! aka wheat blonde and the pink shade!) Let me know in the comments if you have any Etsy doll shops you'd like for me to check out!

If you're new to my Etsy haul videos, you can check out the other ones here!

Etsy Shops Mentioned (by order):
HausofDollsAU -
BlytheBJD -
WonderfullyHandmadeL -
DollsBySinuheGuzman -
RimDoll -
ElenPriv -
MeadowlarkCottage -

Dollsydoll -
Thank you Marlene from Dollsydoll for the beautiful outfits and accessories!!

TheDollPlanetHair -
Thank you Seth & Diana from TheDollPlanet for the new doll hair, tools, and giveaway packs!!

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Welcome to EverythingDolls!
Hey! My name is Kelsey, and I'm a doll artist, animator and collector. I make videos on doll collecting, doll remakes, and more! I'm 22, I love comics, animation, writing, video editing, and... pretty much anything creative haha. Combining those things with doll collecting is truly my passion! I create all of my own 1/6 scale sets, and my goal is to make everything look as realistic as possible, and maybe at one point get you to forget you are watching animated dolls haha. I've been collecting fashion dolls for over ten years! Some people love collecting shoes, makeup or diamonds, I collect dolls!

Life with Barbie
Kira and Rika
Barbie Collector Birthstone Makeovers
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✘ Rerooting/Doll Customization is intended for adult/teen doll collectors due to the process, sharp materials and the potential of ruining your doll. The fashion dolls I use may be modified, customized, and are intended for doll collectors. This also applies to the handmade props, clothes, and other features used. All music, sound effects, fonts, and typography in this video are fully licensed or royalty-free.

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Barbie Etsy Haul: Barbie Repaint, Doll Outfits & More! #6

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