Barbie Sisters Dreamhouse Adventures Morning Routine with Doll House Bathroom & Grocery Supermarket

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This is a Barbie Sisters Family Routine Video and Morning Routine movie. Barbie takes their dog Taffy outside for a walk and to go potty while her sisters are waking up or starting to get ready for school. They brush their teeth, wash up, and head to the barbie kitchen to eat breakfast. Barbie makes waffles for Stacie while Chelsea eats cereal. Afterwards Barbie drives all her sisters to school. At school Chelsea learns how to grow vegetables and picks fruits. This is also an after school doll movie because after school, Barbie picks up all her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea dolls and they head to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. Stacie and Chelsea causes trouble by crashing the grocery cart and Barbie has to clean it up. This is a fun toys and doll pretend play movie. Hope you guys enjoy a break from OMG Dolls and LOL Surprise dolls to enjoy a Barbie exclusive doll story today! =)

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