BeamNG drive mining dumper VS GTA 5 mining dumper - which is better?

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Where is mining dumper? Mining dumper in Beamng drive compared with mining dumper in GTA 5, just for fun! Hope you will enjoy it.
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BeamNG Drive - A dynamic soft-body physics vehicle simulator capable of doing just about anything.
Official web:

PC Specs:
CPU: i9-9900K
RAM: 32 GB 3.2Mhz
Motherboard: Z390 Aorus Pro
GPU: GTX 1070

All action in video are created in game BeamNG Drive and GTA 5.
Thanks for your Watching! ✌

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Song name:
Fluffing a Duck
Sneaky Snitch
Scheming Weasel
The Builder

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