Category 5 Major Hurricane Iota Forecast | 40% Chance for Tropical Storm Kappa to form!

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In today's video, we decipher the potential Catastrophic Impacts that Category 5 or a Very Strong Category 4 Major Hurricane Iota will bring to Honduras and Nicaragua upon making landfall tonight.

We also decipher the next tropical disturbance to become Tropical Storm Kappa in the wake of Hurricane Iota and where it may be heading!

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Please note that these videos reference the official forecasts of the National Hurricane Center, NOAA, and National Weather Service. Deciphering Weather interprets the forecast and available data to make their own prediction on weather events. Please refer to the NHC, NWS & NOAA when making decisions, and heed the advisories and evacuation statements of your local National Weather Service Office and emergency management officials.

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