Charles Hoskinson interview: Why Cardano is the Future of Blockchain (Ep. 254)

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Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano, a 3rd-generation cryptocurrency. We discuss the limitations of previous blockchains and how Cardano is shaping the future of crypto and decentralization.

Charles Hoskinson on Twitter:
2014 Ted Talk “Future will be centralized” by Charles Hoskinson,
2017 Cardano Overview by Charles Hoskinson,
Forkast Interview of Charles Hoskinson,
Coursera course: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies - Princeton University (
OpenCourseWare YouTube playlist: MIT 15.S12 Blockchain and Money, Fall 2018 - Prof. Gary Gensler (

00:00 - Introduction
1:03 - Why crypto and decentralization
5:44 - Brokering trust between 2 people who don't trust each other
8:50 - Is efficiency the right target?
12:15 - How would Airbnb be serviced on a blockchain?
15:30 - How did you get interested in crypto?
19:55 - Impact of crypto in undeveloped countries
22:33 - Secret to BTC's success
26:05 - The cult of Satoshi
29:15 - Future prognosis of BTC
32:33 - Why start Cardano
37:49 - 3rd gen crypto
43:10 - Human psychology and crypto
46:35 - Why prioritize peer reviewed papers
52:47 - How Cardano solves issues in gen 2 crypto
59:50 - Alternative economic universe
1:05:40 - Cardano and African state
1:06:20 - Cardano's developer community
1:14:08 - Regulation and sacrificing anonymity
1:20:30 - Are certain blockchains more vulnerable to regulation?
1:24:24 - Charles' crypto holdings
1:25:30 - Elon Musk, BTC and Dogecoin
1:28:25 - Best way to invest into Defi

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