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WATCH FULL EPISODES ???? https://bbc.in/2TN9UHH

Watch the sneak peek of episode seven!

Curse Of The Spark

Alisa confides in Lars and Ivy. So does Ivy. In class the Heirs learn how to talk to animals.

Heirs of the Night

Europe, 1889: the heirs of the five remaining vampire clans in Europe are brought together on the ship The Elisabetha to attend the newly created vampire school. Unlike their parents, they need to join forces and become stronger than ever in order to survive.

Watch Heirs of the Night on CBBC and BBC iPlayer ???? https://bbc.in/2TN9UHH

Check out the Heirs of the Night website ???? https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/heirs-of-the-night

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