Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppy's First Bath! Baby Helps To Wash Him! (SO CUTE!!!)

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Hey! For those of you who have watched Phil sulk his way through a bath trying to avoid it at all costs going to his special place (looking into the tiled wall) this was an absolute breeze with Teddy! Phil came in to learn a few things and also for doggy support as he follows Teddy around. He came in of his own volition then again acted like it was a torture chamber and sulked haha. Milo wasn't that eager to come and watch Teddy just yet.

Teddy needed hiis first bath as not only is it good to get them used to it early, he has been with all his other brothers in enclosed space where obviously they make toilet trips and jump and play with each other, you can figure the rest out, he smelt like puppies do. We got him clean and fresh in no time with very little drama! Little Ted is an angel and bonus being so small it's very fast!

You can see how fluffy he is when he's wet he looks super skinny! Thanks for watching guys, hope you enjoyed it! Love from all of us xx

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