Harika vs Hou Yifan | Women Speed Chess Championship 2021 Finals

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The Women's Speed Chess Championship 2021 is organized by Chess.com and FIDE. The qualifiers for the event were held May 28-June 6, while the main event runs from June 10-July 3. 16 Players will battle for their share of a total prize fund of $66,000. On 1st of July at 7.30 p.m. Harika takes on the best woman player in the world of chess Hou Yifan in the finals. Hou Yifan is considered the strongest female player on the planet right now.

We had two more Indians at this event. Humpy and Vaishali were both eliminated in the pre-quarter finals.

Watch the Chess.com live broadcast and games on chess.com/tv and chess.com/events. Find all the information here: chess.com/article/view/2021-womens-speed-chess-championship-all-the-information.

The format: 90 mins of 5+1, 60 mins of 3+1 and 30 mins of 1+1.

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IM Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal will bring you all the LIVE coverage.

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