Heroes of the Storm: Craft Wars

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The reemergence of the Dark Nexus has led to fiercer competition for Singularities than ever before—but a small group of Heroes is transforming the conflict. The Realm Crafter they’ve developed doesn’t just bring Heroes from multiple dimensions together in the Nexus—it actually fuses them, and all of their friendships, rivalries, and powers.
Does Mei have it in her to be a Death Knight? What are the odds that Gazlowe will excel as a pro SCV pilot? Who’s the biggest heartthrob: Anduin Wrynn, Valerian Mengsk, or a combination of their wonderfully symmetrical faces?
While some body-melded Heroes take the time to learn from one another and their new circumstances, others are double-mindedly focused on the war to become MVP. The Craft Wars are spiraling throughout the realms, and you’ll need to choose a side carefully—the King of Blades waits to absorb stragglers from every corner of the battlefield.
Prove you’re more than the sum of your parts as mash-ups of your favorite Heroes in the wildest matchup the Nexus has ever seen!

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