HOT Breaking releasing show by Anthony Deuf ( Baly) directly curse to Pheng Vannak

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Title : HOT Breaking releasing show by Anthony Deuf ( Baly) directly curse to Pheng Vannak

Welcome to #SelfEmotion #PednalyBaly

Hello everyone, here is my channel that mostly talk about Khmer society news and it will show audience from basic idea thinking to Cambodian. Whereas, I think it is a necessary way to make people create the own idea for judging the real news and situation that happen around them. Trusty, some ideas are making people bad feeling on this content because they didn't understand about real and they just see the cover of Khmer society. I so sorry for something’s wrong first, but I will deeply explain to make you catch up the scenes and understand about this unique content because it has useful to you.

Education is the key for human revolution from the ancient history, education is the root human developing so we all need educate and orientation to get the base of human thinking. Creature around the world can get knowledge from everywhere via schooling, homeschooling, social schooling and the most important now is social media schooling that the reasons I built this channel for training you from producing Khmer society news for Khmer people who love to track Khmer developing and real hot news society.

The second I describe you that my society news content are related to James Sok speech, RFA Khmer Radio, etc,. that all of that contents are the mostly news in Cambodia.

I do not hope all Khmer and Khmer abroad enjoy with my content but someone who prefer my content will spreed this knowledge to mostly people who similar to you and bring them this these education. The finally we will reach YouTube threshold 100k subscriber together for spreed the knowledge to people in country as abroad.

Thanks, sincerity and great-full for our future goal together,.
Khmer love Khmer, Khmer will have developing,.

Here is more videos for you need :

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