How to make a Custom Baby Yoda chibi style Pram Pod out of Foam for The Child with Free Templates

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In this video I'm going to show you How to make a Custom chibi style Baby Yoda Pram Bassinet out of Foam and to help out I have Free PDF Templates available on my site so you can make your own! I purchased one of " The Child " Mattel dolls and it's absolutely adorable, but I wanted to add to him and build something special as a display piece. So I have fabricated a custom DIY chibi style pram pod out of foam that looks fantastic with the figure! This tutorial video will go over all of the parts, placements, and painting steps it takes to create your very own pram, pod, bassinet, whatever you want to call it. This build is not to scale and is designed to look cute and cartoony but feel free to scale the template to any size you would like. If you have a Mandalorian or Ahsoka Tano cosplay this would be a perfect addition.

Free Pram Template

The Child (aka Baby Yoda) 11" figure


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