Is Leaf Storm Good in Pokemon GO?

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Leaf Storm has been added to Pokemon GO. For PvP, it looks like Leaf Storm is an Overheat Clone, having 130 base damage, a 55 energy cost, and self debuffing Atk by 2 stages. This isn’t exactly “bad” but given the wide variety of already good Grass-type Charge Moves available in PvP, Leaf Storm doesn’t exactly stand out either. The Pokemon that receive Leaf Storm would appreciate a 35 or 40 energy cost Charge Move much more than a 55 one, regardless of base power. When it comes to Raid Content, Leaf Storm is a slight upgrade to Solar Beam, but is generally a terrible Charge Move in practice.

Leaf Storm and Payback were part of the GO Battle League Season 7 movepool expansions. Overall, this movepool expansion has been pretty weak compared to prior seasons. Virtually none of the receiving Pokemon really appreciate these attacks save double legacy Roserade and maybe Bronzong.

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Intro: (00:00)
Leaf Storm PvP Stats: (00:19)
Leaf Storm Sunflora: (02:38)
Leaf Storm Celebi: (03:01)
Leaf Storm Leavanny: (04:00)
Leaf Storm Ludicolo: (04:37)
Leaf Storm Roserade: (05:37)
Leaf Storm in Raids: (07:22)
Wrap Up: (08:36)
Payback: (09:39)

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