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Ya see this was inspired by TikTok UwU

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It’s my future prince!
Bim Bam Bum
How to make a guy blush
Friends don’t lie
Friends don’t LIE
Marinette scream
Truth potion on Lila
Truth potion on Marinette
OMG! I love him, isn’t he perfect?
When the wifi ships Adrienette
That’s my baby
W-wait you wanted a fake pregnancy test?
I ❤️ you
All I want for Christmas is...
I feel kinda ugly
Open my gallery
How they met
Pick a cheerleader
Ima need my shirt back-
What would you do if we broke up?
Can I ask you something?
I need you right now
I want ice cream!
I do have a boyfriend
Dad, if you give me 50k I’ll tell you who mom sleeps with
Ummm.. how am I supposed to get it?
Can Marinette act?
Heard you like bad boys
My house my rules
I like your cut g
Emma, that’s not a sticker
I’m not happy I’m just smiling
You wanna be the light to my shining world?
Marry me Marinette!
“Hi” trend
Let me take you dancing
I really really
I was in love with you
Will you mawwy me
When I first met you....
Who’s the real one?
If I were a zombie
Marry me Juliet
We live in cities
I just had to let you you know
My oh my
Who made you crazy? Who made you beautiful
My mom is ladybug
If only there was someone out there who loved you
Princesses don’t cry
What’s a soulmate?
I met you in California
Can you say rawr?
I’m Mrs Agreste
Savage love
How you like that?
Ms Marinette disturbing our Agreste

No offense to Lila! ❤️


#adrienette #meme #mlb


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