KPOP Trainees React to PPOP (SB19, MNL48 Baby Blue, 1ST.ONE) | EL's Planet

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Join former K-POP trainees from SM, YG, FNC, RBW, NK, Startrack, Illusion, V-Square, Sandfactory, and MNET's Idol School as they react to SB19's Go Up, MNL48's subunit Baby Blue's Sweet Talking Sugar, and 1st.One's You Are The One/Ttak Maja Nuh! Plus, find out who wins ANY K-pop album they choose for taking part of our Typhoon Ulysses: Raffle for a Cause! ????

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MNL48 Baby Blue - Sweet Talking Sugar
Baby Blue/Hallo Hallo Entertainment 2020

1st.One - Ttak Maja Nuh (You Are The One)
1st.One Entertainment 2020

SB19 - Go Up
ShowBT Entertainment / Sony Music Philippines 2019 (Single)/2020 (Album)

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