Like A Human Baby! Donna Throw Tantrum At Daddy Cuz He Is Very Sleepy Until Daddy Sing To Sleep

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Monkeys are like human babies!
Donna, first time, throws tantrum at Daddy Sakor because he is very sleepy.
He needs Daddy Sakor hug and sing him Japanese lullaby song to sleep.


Dear my beloved fans,

One of the motive which leads me to adopt these cute little orphan primates because I saw many baby monkey channels contain thousands abusing videos and they just fake their loves towards their orphan monkeys. With these evil contents, they can earn thousands of dollar monthly from YouTube because millions of viewers liked their abusing contents, and some real monkey lovers can't forget to view those torturing videos. Their abusing videos really go viral compared to the kind and real videos. ????
Don't you know that because your reckless acts, hundreds of petite orphan primates are falling into victims everyday? I want to cry out and find justice for those orphan baby monkeys when I watched those abusing videos. But tell me who cares????????? They are just animals, even orphan humans are still ignored by the humans so how am I able to help those orphan monkeys? What can I do for them since they are just the animals.
This is so sad. ????????????????

You might don't know that one of those orphan macaques might be slaughtered or thrown away in the cuisine pots or abandoned in the forest when it can't be famous in YouTube after 3 or 5 months of those heartless YouTubers' trying. They will sell those infamous monkeys to another owners or kick them into the forest without twice thought. It's tearing my heart into pieces to know about how those orphan babies alive when they are just too small.???????????? They then die inevitably alone without no ones really cares. To know more, you can search "abondoned monkeys" and I wonder if you could recognize them because they might be one of your favourite monkeys in some famous channels which already change its old name to another name.

For example: on the 11st of May 2020, an abondoned pig-tailed was released into the Angkor Archeological Area and it cries endlessly since they have no family, no home, no experience how to forage food. On the 14th, it was bitten to death by the big dogs of villages over there because that abandoned monkey has no experience to climb the trees. This is the final stage of those famous monkey life.

With these reasons, I decided to adopt these orphan Donna and Mona and show all monkey lovers around the world that I love them and treat them better by providing variety of food and will love them for eternity even they can't earn me much money because they are now the members of my family. All my family love them too.
I don't believe they can't be controllable because they have been living with me since birth. I will find all solutions to give change for them to stay with me until they are old and pass away. So Please help me by make them famous and contribute to their lives by subscribing and share their videos with your friends who are also the real monkey lovers. Let's wait and watch how Donna and Mona life goes on the future with Daddy Sakor.

Finally, I'll also test or investigate the justice in the world from all people around the world, if my love to Donna and Mona are appreciated and get millions of views, it means kindness towards animals really works and is really seen and God really have mercy for me and my baby Donna and Mona. But, if my channel is not famous and no one cares , it means the real loves towards animals can't win the evil acts. I will agree to believe that kindness means nothing in the eyes of people around the world.????????????

But no matter what happens , my love to my baby Donna and Mona will never change and they will stay with me forever.

Daddy Sakor

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