MEAR "The Broken Curse” Mini Movie "Proof of concept”

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Music Credit By- Morning Light Music
Gemini- Fire Inside


Born to a single mother struggling with addiction, Ameir is left to fend for himself and his family when his mother is tragically murdered by the NYPD.


The son of an absentee father, Ameir endures a whirlwind of obstacles and tragedies as he seeks an escape from one of Brooklyn’s grittiest neighborhoods, Bedford Stuyvesant. While, as a child, he remains oblivious to the dangers of the streets that surrounded him, Ameir is jolted into a new reality when his mother, Renee, is tragically murdered by the New York City Police. Torn apart by the loss of his only parent, Ameir undergoes a dramatic change that takes him from an innocent, young boy to a young man fighting for his existence in a world that is fighting even harder to cease it. From the street life to the high life, Ameir continually overcomes adversity and becomes a beacon of hope to those around him. Determined to take himself and his family to the highest echelons of American prosperity, Ameir is on a quest to ensure that no child bearing his last name will ever have to suffer like he did.

How will this film grab viewers’ attention?

Ameir is a captivating tale of triumph and tragedy that is all too common in the black experience. Touching on an array of social issues from racism to sexuality, parenthood and more, this story has, within each page, a kernel of everyone’s truth. As seen through the eyes of a young man whose roots reach down to hell, Ameir tells the story of that, now, grown man’s ascent into paradise as he attempts to heal the wounds from his past along the way. Thanks for watching.

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