Monster School : Vampire Girl Love Curse - Minecraft Animation

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Monster School was an animation series about the everyday life of the students of a school (all of whom are hostile/neutral mobs) as Herobrine and Hildegarde try to train, prepare and educate the students for their career as mobs.

The series has officially been ended as of 15 March 2015. It has inspired hundreds of animators to make similar series in premise and has currently become a genre. As of late 2017, the genre compromises over ¾th of all new Minecraft animations uploaded to YouTube.

The series would start of with a view of the camera gliding through the classroom. Herobrine would point at the board with his stick, and the subject of the episode would appear on the board. Judging by the how fun the project is, the students reactions would vary. (annoyed expressions for a boring subject, and excitement for fun subjects.) Herobrine would teleport items onto the students desk, or on the occasion, teleport students onto something. The episode would progress with the students doing their shenanigans or work, and they would be finished after about 1-5 minutes depending on the subject. They would demonstrate how they did on the subject, or already do the subject on occasions. At the end of the video, the students grades would be shown next to an icon of the student's head.

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