MotoGP 2020 Valencia: Last Lap Thriller! | Inside Pass #14

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In this week's MotoGP Inside Pass episode, Vanessa heads back to Valencia once again for the second race at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

Pedro Acosta has won the 2020 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and as a special treat, Vanessa has arranged for Brad Binder to answer some of Pedro's questions about moving up from the Rookies Cup to Moto3. We wish Pedro the best of luck in 2021 for his rookie Moto3 season.

Back in the paddock, Vanessa catches up with a bunch on riders and plays a fun game of heads up! This one is funny, do you think you could have done a better job than the riders? Sign language is *not* easy.

The TV compound isn't somewhere you would normally get to see, but check this out, Vanessa takes us inside and discovered what goes on behind the screen to bring us the live images of the racing.

We finally have a MotoGP champion! Joan Mir has done it, giving Suzuki their first premier class title in a long time!

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