NAVEY LEARNS how to CRAWL!!!! Baby Birds, Morning Parade, Park Games, and some Swimming for the 4th

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Family Fun on the Fourth of July weekend!!


Best Crawling Day Ever 1212

Happy 4th of July!! we have so many fun plans today!! but first we need to show you the coolest thing ever!! Baby Navey has learned how to crawl. She did it for the very first time a day or two ago, but we get to update you all on how she is doing. So of course we set up the worlds easiest obby (a straight line to a puff) so that Navey can show of her crawling skills!! I love it, she's growing up so fast!

Then we need to update you guys on the baby birds that live in the backyard. They have started jumping out of the nest to learn how to fly!! Well one of them accidently jumped under the trampoline, so Niko Bear and I go on a rescue mission! We're like paw patrol!! Niko is on the case!

Once all the birds are safe and sound, we load up the purple tesla and head to the fouth of july parade that we have been going to for years. It's a family tradition and one of my favorites!! We see fire trucks and police cars, get suckers and candy, and even jets fly over head!!

After the parade, its off to the carnival, where we enter Navey into a baby contest!! She so pretty and cute up on the stage!! We then play bingo with the kiddos, do some fishing, catch ducks, and other fun carnival games! It's really hot outside, so we decide that its a great time to go swimming!!

So its off to my moms house, who has a great backyard. Before we jump in the pool, the kiddos help feed the chickens and we go say hi to my dads bunny! Oh, we also have Niko Bears new swim suit that changes color in the water. You guys can buy it soon on, I'll keep you posted!!

Into the pool! the kiddos jump in, Niko is getting so good a swimming under water, Adley and I learn a new trick where she balances on my hands, and Baby Navey is just like her brother and sister, a water baby!!

After swimming, its off to watch some fireworks and finish this best 4th of July ever!!

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