Paranoia (Short Psychological Horror/Thriller Film)

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An outbreak of a mysterious pathogen has caused widespread panic, both as a byproduct and as a symptom. The disease causes hysteria, paranoia and delusions in the minds of it's victims, and spreads by touch. Elston, terrified of contracting this disease, which is spreading wildly, and quarantines himself in his home while his roommate leaves to visit her parents. All alone in the house, and with chaos outside, Elston starts hearing strange noises at night, and starts seeing things that don't make sense to him. Is there someone or something in his house? Has he caught the disease? Or is there nothing to fear except fear itself?

A short film written and directed by Alexander Lorian
Produced by Elle Cahill
Genre: Psychological thriller / horror (Contains science fiction elements)
Starring Nicholas Anthony and Stephanie Lombardo

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