Path of Exile 3.14 - Storm Brand Inquisitor - My S-Tier League Starter

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Are you excited to play Storm Brand as a league starter? Not as an Assassin, not as a Hierophant but as an Inquisitor? DO IT! Wanna get in touch? Join my Discord: Timestamps:

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Gameplay
00:55 – Why Storm Brand / Inquisitor?
02:14 – Leveling and playstyle
02:36 – Damage scaling
02:36 – Recommended unique items
03:28 – Closing thoughts

Path of Building (Community Fork!):
Note: I will do a practice run on April 16th and will likely upgrade the notes, especially the ones regarding gem selection while leveling.

Music taken from the Path of Exile EST
Created in Davinci Resolve 17

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