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~ ????WELCOME???? ~

I am The Hermit Tarot and this is my FREE tarot reading channel. Today we are asking Spirit for Messages From Your Future Self, 3-6 months from now!

As always, I aim to offer you clarity, guidance and support on your journey through love, life and everything in-between. Today's reading is for entertainment purposes only - do not hesitate to seek professional advice where necessary.

REMEMBER: You are in control of your actions, choices and decisions - this reading is intended to offer you clarity, guidance & support, based on the energy exchanged at the time you are viewing it. Nothing is set in stone.

~ ???? PATREON ???? ~

For access to exclusive readings, click the link below and join our Patreon community. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Patrons who have already joined - Your Support Is Very Appreciated:

Extended Reading:

*Song included could have additional messages in the lyrics*

Group 1 - 01:41
*(BONUS SONG: https://youtu.be/IeA6cqofyq8 / https://youtu.be/YxqGeqORbjk )*
Group 2 - 33:50
*(BONUS SONG: https://youtu.be/V_YsY_2oevE / https://youtu.be/BxrY8TWKJL0 )*
Group 3 - 01:03:45
*(BONUS SONG: https://youtu.be/JaCbzaO-xsU / https://youtu.be/miqsQf7ZvCU )*

~ ????????MERCHANDISE???????? ~


~ ????DONATE???? ~

PLEASE do not feel obliged - several people have reached out requesting PayPal information - MASSIVE thank you to those who have already donated. It is not necessary but very appreciated


~ ???? DECKS USED ???? ~

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck by Kim Krans
Dreams Cards by Sanna Wikstrom
Shine From The Inside Cards by Brittney Carmichael
Cosmic Slumber Tarot Cards by Tillie Walden


I am not currently offering personal readings. As soon as this changes, I will be sure to let followers know on YouTube & Instagram.

~ ????REACH OUT + CONNECT???? ~

Website: https://www.thehermittarotshop.com
Instagram: @the.hermit.tarot.shop
Email: the.hermit.tarot.shop@gmail.com
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thehermittarotshop

Love + Light????????

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