Poltergeist Moving a Creepy Haunted Doll and Terrorizing The Beach House! PRANK?

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Is it someone pulling a prank on me who has a special key to that locked room or is this a ghost? Poltergeist have been terrorizing my house and there were several ghosts haunting my house and throwing things around. I went to Florida to do some paranormal investigations with friends and we were staying at a beach house in Florida and we experienced the power of a spirit attached to a creepy doll that my friend brought to the house. I buried haunted dolls and O thought this was over. I was not expecting my friend to bring a creepy haunted doll to the beach house. I will be uploading a video of our encounters at a haunted cemetery.

A Creepy haunted doll was brought into the beach house and it started terrorizing the house. The haunted doll moves around and attempts to break down the doors and walls and throws things around in a locked room.

Haunted Doll Escapes a Locked Box and Haunts My House! Angry Ghost!

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