Rappers React to King Von Passing... (Lil Durk, Asian Doll & MORE!)

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Rappers React to King Von Passing... (Lil Durk, Asian Doll & MORE!)
King Von was on track to become one of the biggest rappers in the world, After the release of his hit song King Von - Crazy Story (REMIX) ft. Lil Durk (Official Video) be became known to millions across the world. King Von Crazy Story was hit breakthrough hit which featured his best friend Lil Durk. Lil Durk King Von have been best friends their entire lives. Lil Durk wasn't the only rapper effected by the King Von incident but same with rapper Asian Doll. Asian Doll King Von were very close in the music industry they shared their reactions to King Von. Lil Durk reaction to King Von incident was by him deleting his official Instagram page and taking some time away from social media.. As of right now King Von (feat. Polo G) - The Code (Official Video) is his last single release for the time being. While many rappers shared their King Von reaction to the incident many rappers decided to stay silent, If more rappers react to King Von I'll keep you updated so make sure to subscribe!

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