Re: Zero Arc 7 Chapter 18 Web Novel Summary "The Siege of the Castle City of Guaral"

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Tappei has released chapter 18 of arc 7 of re: zero, featuring the continuation of subaru's intense situation in guaral with Flop. Will we see who the culprit it and subaru will survive this situation? Read and find out.

#arc7 #subaru #rezero

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Re: Zero is one of the most interesting isekai anime that has come out in the past few years. The story revolves around Natsuki Subaru being transported from Earth to a new world and he is granted one simple power: "Return By Death". Subaru must use this newfound power to save those he cares about, such as Emilia, Rem, Ram, Petra, Otto and Garfiel and more.

Who is Satella and why did she grant subaru this power? What is the motivation behind the witch cult which have members such as Petelguese the sin archbishop of sloth? These are some of the questions I'll tackle on this channel, I hope you enjoy it and most importantly also enjoy season 1 and season 2 of Re: zero and hopefully it does well enough to warrant a third season covering arc 5 (Season 3 re: zero).

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