Roadkill movie thriller and mystery korean - 2020 Korean Movie Eng Subtitles - thriller Korean Movie

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Road kill movie thriller crime and mystery korean - 2018 Korean Movie with English Subtitles - thriller Korean Movie

Road kill Movie Lose to win Games HD Action movie 2017 in Hindi dubbed korean action and thriller movies 2020

A cash-strapped pimp and former police detective draws upon the skills of his old job to track down his missing stable of prostitutes.

Road kill Korean: 동네사람들; RR: Dongnesalamdeul; lit. Neighborhood is a 2018 South Korean action thriller film directed by Im Jin-sun, starring Ma Dong-seok and Kim Sae-ron.It was released on November 7, 2018.
The film is about a physical education teacher named Gi-cheol who is assigned to a countryside high school due to an unfortunate incident, and a student named Yoo-jin who questions the disappearance of her friend.

Other name: 곰탱이; Bear; Dongnesaramdeul; The Neighbors; Road kill Country: South Korea Genres: Action, Drama, Investigation, Movie, Mystery, Thriller Gi Cheol begins work as a contract gym teacher at a high school in a quiet countryside village. He feels weird because a female high school student went missing, but nobody in the village seems to care. Only Yoo Jin, who is the missing girl’s friend, is sure that her friend has been kidnapped. Yoo Jin and GiCheol work together to find the missing girl, but Gi Cheol learns that traces of the missing girl are disappearing.

 Movie: Road Kill
 Revised romanization: Rodeukil
 Hangul: 로드킬
 Director: Lee Soo-Sung
 Writer:
 Producer:
 Cinematographer:
 Release Date: February 28, 2019
 Runtime: 96 min.
 Genre: Horror / Thriller
 Language: Korean
 Country: South Korea
Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©
Oh-Gwang Lee Cheol-Min is vicious real estate broker. One day, he gets into an accident while driving on a mountain path. Two days later, he wakes up. Oh-Gwang finds himself at the home of Mr. Jang Oh Gwang-Rok, which is located deep in the mountain. Oh-Gwang was saved by Mr. Jang's family. The family consists of Mr. Jang, his wife Yeon-Hee, son Hyun-Seok and daughter So-Hee. They are very nice to Oh-Gwang, but something about the family is suspicious. The family might be hiding something from Oh-Gwang.
 Lee Cheol-Min - Oh-Gwang
 Oh Gwang-Rok - Mr. Jang
 Shin Won-Ho
 Kwon Ye-Eun - Yeon-Hee's daughter past
Even if you die, your sins aren’t forgiven…”
Road Kill was a low budget film, and you could tell right away that it was produced with minimal money. From its cinematography to its outdated music choices, acting to its mediocre attempt at startling its audience, everything about Road Kill was inferior and subpar at best.
• 'Human makes the way to hell without sin.' Ogwang, a real estate agent is on his way to the countryside for real property development. His journey becomes more and more strange, and eventually leads to accidents. And after a while, he meet Chang's family and each family memebr looks very familiar to him. Jang's family seems to be kind and saved him from ther accident...but later turns into serious misery to him. Ogwang runs away from the situation, but he has no choice to come back repeatdly. That's how Ogwang comes back from his dream. And Ogwang receives the last phone call... What will happen to Ogwang?

Road kill reunites the two main actors Kim Myung-min and Byun Yo-han who previously acted together in the historical drama series Six Flying Dragons.

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