Running from a STORM into a CROCODILE fight - Ep.84

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This is a story of running from a storm into shelter only to find that shelter is inhabited by massive salt water crocodiles. The crocs don't seem to want to share either! The reality of life on board Florence, sailing around the world is not always good weather and easy days. We have to prepare our yacht Florence to weather a storm at anchor and on top of that we have to deal with the fall out of a swine flue outbreak on our isolated paradise island, decimating the animal population.

We are a British couple who set off from England in 2016 to fulfill our dream of sailing around the world on our 37ft sail boat, Florence. Along the way we share the live aboard lifestyle with the highs and lows of travelling around the world by boat, our own little tiny house. Boat life out at sea on the ocean and off the grid.

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Music in order as played:
Keep Walking - Alvaro Angeloro - - Creative Commons – Attribution Creative Commons 4.0 license
Epic Battle Scene - Nazar Rybak - – Licenced
The Eagle Soars - – Licenced
Live and Learn - – Licenced
Sound Generation - – Licenced

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