Sada Baby Calls Kyle Lowry Fat, Lil Uzi & Lil Yachty Collabs, Detroit Rap (1on1 Interview)

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In this 1on1 interview, Arshan meets up with Detroit based rapper, Sada Baby, AKA Skuba Steve. We originally met at Pershing Square park in LA, but just like what happened in our Famous Dex interview, the cops would not let us film there. We ended up walking over to Sada Baby’s car and doing the interview there. We talked about Detroit rap becoming the most buzzing scene in hip hop right now, how he and Rio Da Yung OG are leading the wave in Detroit and Flint, Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert doing collabs with them, Drake, Sada wanting to be a chef before rap but not tolerating any disrespect from Gordon Ramsay, who is favourite basketball player is between Kobe Bryant (RIP) and Carmelo Anthony + more. We also talked about who Sada’s starting 5 lineup would be of just rappers playing basketball (Chris Brown, Quavo, etc). Keep watching to hear the hilarious and saddening story of Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors ignoring Arshan, and see Sada’s reaction to it, saying he’ll “press” Kyle Lowry for it. Since Sada is a huge NBA fan from Detroit, he even gives his thoughts on what trades the Detroit Pistons should make next offseason, and whether they should trade their point guard, Derrick Rose. This is part of our content from our recent trip to LA. If you haven’t seen the LA BTS video, go check that out on the KTO channel right now! Kids Take Over is based out of Vancouver, Canada.

0:00 - We get kicked out of the park
1:15 - Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty tapping into the Detroit scene
2:10 - Drake vs Lil Yachty
3:15 - Being from the area he’s from to seeing white girls making tik toks to his music
4:38 - Dealing with Karens/racism
6:20 - Sada Baby hates Gordan Ramsay
7:38 - His favourite NBA player is Carmelo Anthony
8:20 - Sada Baby laughs at Arshan for getting dubbed by Kyle Lowry
10:05 - If he was the GM of the Detroit Pistons, what would he do...
11:10 - What is his dream starting 5 of rappers that play basketball (1 female)
12:42 - Sada Baby says Quavo sucks
13:44 - Credits + Top Comment

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