Sada Baby on Catching a Felony for a Purse Snatching He Didn't Do (Part 1)

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Part 2:
Sada Baby came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, and he started out by speaking about growing up in Detroit in the 90's, which he called a more "sunny" existence than today. He went on to touch on his famly life, revealing that he grew up primarily under the care of his mother and being one of six boys. Sada Baby also spoke about being a noted singer in church, having the nickname "Scooba Steve" in the streets, and his rap name originating from his birth name, Casada.

He went on to speak about having various jobs before taking his rap career seriously, including a kitchen job that had him thinking about going to culinary school. Sada Baby then revealed that he was convicted for felony larceny after being accused of trying to snatch a purse, which he denied doing. Sada Baby then explained how his court appointed attorney didn't help in his case and he detailed how the felony charge limited him in life.

Sada Baby said he started rapping six years ago and worked various jobs in order to afford studio time. The Detroit native said he worked at a car wash (for one day), hot dog stand, aquarium, and kitchens. While working at a kitchen, Sada Baby said he was going to complete culinary school but abandoned the plan once he started making money from music.

The rapper also described catching a felony in 2013 when he was 20 years old. According to Sada Baby, he was accused of trying to snatch a purse and tried to fight the case because he was innocent. However, he had a public defender and was convicted despite handing in a letter from his job explaining that he was at work during the day and time of the alleged crime. Sada Baby stated that court-appointed attorneys work with the prosecution and don't give their best effort to prove their clients' innocence.

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