SFA Beta: Kate's Obsidian Swords! | The Real Curse For Opponents! | Ranked PvP! | Some Clean OCV's

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Shadow Fight Arena Beta Server just got a huge update. This Featured new Weapons Feature, Customized Control 2,0, Quests and Marathons and Rework to Hongjoo and Point Gaining System of Fight Pass! This video, I focused upon Kate's Epic Obsidian Swords and talked about the legacy of it!

Musics Used:
Shadow Fight 3: Legion Interior
Shadow Fight 3: Inner Evil
Shadow Fight 3: Destroyed Market

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Hi, I'm GetSetFight and I'm a Gamer and a Student at the same time. I generally play Shadow Fight 3 and Arena and have been uploading their videos over 10 months! I hope you'll like my channel. ????????

Here, I review Sets (sf3) and different Characters (SFA), upload gameplay videos (most of them with voiceovers) and sometimes upload Shadow Fight 2 videos!

If you wanna support me financially, a small amount will be appreciated! Everything will be used for the betterment of the content...!
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