Ship in Storm [ASMR] | 3 Days CAUGHT in a STORM FORCE 12 + MONSTER WAVES in the North Atlantic!

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Chemical tanker facing huge waves over several days in the North Atlantic which is famous for its though weather conditions during the winter months. Monster waves start at 7:05!
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0:00​ Tanker Facing Heavy Seas and Huge Waves [ASMR] (Day 1, Noon)
3:17 Sea getting rougher [ASMR] (Day 1: Afternoon)
7:05 Tanker Facing Monster Waves (Day 1, Late Afternoon)
8:05​ Sun + Rough Seas (Day 2, Morning)
9:18 Sea getting rougher again (Day 2, Afternoon)
11:43 Tanker Facing Storm at Night Night (Day 3)

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