Take a breath. We'll weather this storm together.

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With the election this week, it feels like there’s a giant storm coming.

No matter what happens, we will weather this together. The best thing you could do until the chaos of the election passes, is to hunker down and take care of yourself today. Be kind to yourself. Turn off the TV and stay close to the people that keep you grounded. There’s no need to watch the news 24/7- when somebody is declared the winner, trust me, you’ll hear about it.

And based on the work I’ve been doing and the tens of thousands of people I’ve helped, I know so many of you feel dissociated, overwhelmed, on edge, and scared. The experts are finding that this election is bringing up all kinds of unresolved trauma from people’s childhoods. Because if you grow up with a caregiver who’s a narcissist, abusive, or struggling with addiction, you lived in chaos and felt unsafe. You may be feeling the exact same thing right now. So if you’re finding this moment to be particularly brutal on you, it is extremely important that you take proactive steps to take care of yourself. Have a plan for what you’re going to do while this election plays out and who you’re going to stay connected to in order to feel supported.

Resist the urge to engage with anyone who’s toxic, negative, or argumentative. It’s so not worth your time. It’s not going to change the outcome. It’s not your responsibility to transform someone else.

Between the pandemic and this political climate, this has been one of the most brutal stretches of all of our lives. But the one thing I know for sure is that this is not going to last, we will weather this storm, and better, beautiful days are ahead. I believe that because I CHOOSE to believe that.


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