The Self Driving City of the Future (and Elon Musk's Robotaxis)

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From cars that talk to each, to autonomous scooters and bicycles. People like Elon Musk, and forward thinking cities, have already started putting into motion the building blocks for the new self driving city of the future.

This mini documentary takes a look at the different ways the self driving city is being built, and tries to predict what this futuristic city could look like.

How will self driving cities change the way our homes are designed, will there still be gas stations, street parking, and will our self driving Tesla cars be able to go and get a car wash by themselves.


Other topics covered include:
• Steve Wozniak and the Boring Company
• How the next gen of Tesla cars could be turned into our own personal assistants - picking up groceries at a drive through (such as Amazon Fresh)
• How will cities change, and build new roads to integrate self driving vehicles
• How cities such as Detroit have already started building lanes for self driving cars


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• The Rebels Taking Apart Teslas (Cyberpunk 2020)

• Amazon's City of the Future

Elon Musk Face Photo Credit (CC): Duncan.Hull

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