The third most powerful storm on the planet in 2020 is about to hit the mainland | News

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The third most powerful storm on the planet in 2020 is about to hit the mainland: will Korea have a 'historic landing'?
With a super typhoon on September 3, Haishen becomes the third most powerful hurricane on the planet in 2020 to date.

Historical landing ...

As observed by AccuWeather (USA), currently in the Western Pacific basin, there is a strong storm with the international name Haishen. Typhoon Haishen, after reaching a state of super typhoon on September 3, is continuing to move southwest of Japan, and is forecast to land the country and South Korea from now until early next week. Specifically:

- Japan:

NHK (Japan), quoted by the Japan Meteorological Agency, said that at 5 a.m. on Saturday, September 5, Japan time, Typhoon Haishen in the Pacific Northwest was away from Minami Daito Island (in Okinawa, Japan). The Pacific Ocean is 280 kilometers south. Typhoon Haishen was traveling at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

Haishen Strength Index: Maximum winds near the center of the storm are 180 kilometers per hour, gusts of wind 250 kilometers per hour, and central barometric pressure is 920 hectares. Thus, Haishen as of September 5 had reduced its strength to a Category 3 storm following the Saffir-Simpson scale.

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