TIME STEVE affected by the FIRST CURSE? | Rainbow Quest

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TIME STEVE affected by the FIRST CURSE? | Rainbow Quest

In this video I am gonna talk about how Time Steve could have been possibly cursed by the first curse in the Rainbow Quest Minecraft series by FavreMySabre.

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In the latest few episodes of Rainbow Quest, Time Steve had trouble using his powers. For example, when the yellow kingdom of the yellow Steves was hit by the asteroid, Time Steve was barely able to hold it still before it destroyed the kingdom.

This phenomenon was organized by the unnamed or the first curse, who previously stated that he will put the entire universe and all dimensions including the world beyond, the middle world, and the world below in a curse, so, a curse SPREADS throughout the UNIVERSE. Natural disasters started to be common, Time Steve stopped a tsunami before the kingdom destroying meteor approaches, and many other things are yet to happen.

After meeting Elemental in the Spirit World, Time and Space have SHATTERED, resolving in it’s existence to be deleted.

The only way Sabre, Time Steve, Professor Red, Assistant Steve, Hypno Steve (the Red Leader, as well as everyone else survive, is by creating SUPERCHARGED Redstone ARMOR and for Light Steve to become the new hero Rainbow Steve, although I believe he would become Ultra Steve as he would still have the Light Crystal in him.

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