Trails Of Cold Steel 4 - Erebonian Curse, Preparing For War & Prologue: Nightfall Begins - Episode 1

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After the massive cliffhanger at the end of the previous game, the story now continues as we take on a first blind let's play of Trails of Cold Steel IV!
With Erebonia now on war footing with the unleashed curse sweeping the land the story of Class VII both old and new continues as the problem swells to a continental scale, the climax of the Quadrilogy now plays out for your enjoyment...

With the citizens of Erebonia reacting to the National Mobilization Act with their country preparing for war against the Republic Of Calvard, the unleashed curse starts to send the populace into a fervor with those who were fighting against the forces of Gilliath Osborne nowhere to be seen....
However as our Prologue, Nightfall begins we find ourselves with a group trying to learn what has taken place as protagonists from the past return to seek an answer in Crossbell's Orchis Tower!

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