Tropical Depression 13 forecast to strengthen into Tropical Storm Laura

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The active hurricane season of 2020 continues on as we enter the peak over the next month and a half: Tropical Depression 13 formed late Wednesday evening.

There already have been 11 named storms this year. If this latest depression strengthens into a tropical storm, it would be named Laura.

While there is no immediate threat to Florida at this time, the 10 Tampa Bay weather team will monitor this depression closely. The National Hurricane Center has much of Florida, including the Tampa Bay area, in the forecast cone.

This means Florida is in the possible path of the storm's center, with a very strong tropical storm threatening the area late this weekend into Monday.

Tropical Depression 13 currently is located east of the Lesser Antilles.

There is a second system, Invest 97-L, that is currently moving west through the Caribbean. At this point, the National Hurricane Center says this system has an 80-percent chance of developing later this week as it moves in the western Caribbean and potentially into the Gulf of Mexico.

There is also a third area of disturbed weather with a medium chance of development at this time. It is located over Guinea, Africa, and has a 40-percent chance of developing over the next five days.

We are heading toward the peak of hurricane season, and 10 Tampa Bay wants you to be prepared. Head to your Hurricane Headquarters at for everything you need to know.

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