Trump Speaks Out on Biden, Future Plans; Thousands Still Without Power, Water; Leaked Facebook Video

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00:00 NTD News Today—2/18/2020
01:17 Thousands Still Without Power, Water in Texas
03:23 Texas Food Blogger Uses Headlamp to Cook
04:27 Trump Discusses Biden and His Future Plans
05:32 Trump All-Time Best for Republicans: Poll
06:13 Trump Attorney Faces Cancel Culture
07:54 Norton Pushes for Takedown of Capitol Fencing
08:38 Facebook CEO Raises Concern Over Vaccine
10:53 Former Detroit News Anchor Dies at Home
11:25 1/3 of Military Refuse Virus Vaccine
13:00 Homeland Security Blames China for Fake Masks
14:04 Minneapolis Re-Funds Police After Complaints
16:36 Facial Recognition’s Threats to Freedom
17:20 Biden on Human Rights: Different Cultural Norms
19:28 Canadian Bill Allows Cities to Ban Handguns
22:15 House Holds Hearing on Reparations
25:38 Cuban Entrepreneur Opposes Communist Push
28:31 Flag Brigade Determined Amid Counter-Protests
33:04 Expert: Chinese Power Transformers Pose Threat
35:52 Women Calling for Freedom Suppressed by CCP
38:57 Wary Airbus Braces for Another Volatile Year
40:37 Mercedes-Maker Daimler Eyes 2021 Rebound
41:43 Pet Food Helps Nestle Outshine Competition
43:03 IRS Reports All $600 Stimulus Payments Sent
43:41 3 North Koreans Indicted for Hacking
45:50 China to Reduce Rare Earth Minerals Exports
48:45 French Baguette Vies for Unesco Title
50:25 Rare Churchill Painting, FDR Gift, for Sale
52:31 Israeli Zoo Empty in Lockdown
54:02 Equine Therapy Ranch Adapts to Pandemic

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Texans are hanging in there as hundreds of thousands are still without power and water. When will the service be restored?

Former President Donald Trump makes his first media appearances since leaving office. He shares his opinions of President Joe Biden's performance, and talks about his next moves.

And Facebook’s CEO made a statement that it appears his own platform would class as misinformation—as Facebook cracks down on posts and users who speak their mind about the CCP virus.

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