Valentines Day Heartbreaker Villain And Creepy Coraline Doll

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The Valentine’s Day Heartbreaker villain and creepy Coraline doll show up at our house after New Year’s Eve to haunt our house and play more tricks on us. This time After Frankie and Avery try showing off their new Valentine’s Day outfits, they hear a mysterious doorbell ring. But who is that creeper sneaking around the outside of our house? We thought that Slappy would be here on Valentines day. Instead it is a masked villain. He almost looks like he belongs to the game master network! He seems to deliver an innocent Valentine’s Day present of chocolates. But when Frankie and Avery go to open the Valentine’s day present it only has 1 chocolate left and the other chocolates have already been eaten. Frankie loves chocolate so she decided to eat it and boy does she regret it. The Valentine’s Day Heartbreaker villain tricked her into eating the candy which breaks her heart and makes her sad. Even cute stuffed puppy dogs make her sad. Creepy Coraline the leader of the Evil Doll Network makes an appearance and lets Frankie and Avery know that they need to let the Heartbreaker villain into their house if they want to find out how to fix Frankie's broken heart.

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