VIVI'S FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!! | Mystery Skulls Animated: The Future Reaction!!

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I somehow managed to be out of camera focus for nearly the entire video E: Sorry about that!
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Whew! That's a lot of links. With that out of the way, I'm blessed to be alive another year to be able to watch these fantastic animations. They are such a boost of energy and inspiration that I could watch it on repeat for a week and probably still find new things to gush over.

I believe there is one more animation in the arc. I've heard that after that they may do a second one, but aren't sure yet. (PLEASE DO, even if it's with different characters! Like Duet! Super curious bout him!)

I forgot to mention that I recognized Purpah's name in the credits too! Another talented guest artist/animator! :D

It was not as heavy on Arthur and Lewis this time, and honestly, I'm okay with that!! Vivi having such a bada** battle with Shiromori was so cool. It was easily the most dynamic and fire filled fight that was NOT from an anime. (Don't @ me!) I love how hardcore she is. I can see why Lewis would fall for her, haha!

This vid is just pure feels and angst from start to finish, and I am all for it. qoq I can't wait to see what the fanfic writers do with this.. TO Ao3!!!

Side note: I have been up working on this since 6 am. It is currently 7 pm as of writing this. Please validate that my effort was worth it because that's all I'll get from posting this. x'D)
???? Music: Enemy/The Future (Clean) - Mystery Skulls
Contemplate - No Straight Roads
The Revolution Comes Around - No Straight Roads
All video/audio credit goes to their respective content creators. I only own my reaction and edits. :)

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