What You Need To Know Before Buying Sweet Baby Rays Again

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When it comes to Sweet Baby Ray's, the brand sticks to its motto of "the sauce is the boss." A lot of people agree too, and the Sweet Baby Ray's is the most popular barbecue sauce in the country. From its history to its many sauce varieties, this is the story of Sweet Baby Ray's.

It all started with Larry Raymond, a young Chicago restaurateur who just happened to have a family recipe for sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. He started tinkering with it around 1982, and he had properly adjusted the recipe enough by 1985 that he decided to enter it into a local barbecue competition called the Mike Royko Rib-off. At the time, the competition was at the time the largest rib cook-off in the country.

And, it was a big deal. It was started by a popular Chicago columnist named Mike Royko, and in the first year of the competition in 1982, the winner out of 400 participants was Charlie Robinson. Robinson would go on to start a beloved barbecue chain of his own and sell a branded sauce within a year of winning.

When Raymond entered, he landed in second place out of 700 contestants. A second place finish was more than enough. Success came fast: Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce was incorporated by Larry, his brother Dave, and a childhood friend named Mike O'Brien a year after coming in second place.

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Born for competition | 0:16
Ray's namesake | 1:06
Wide variety to choose from | 1:59
Secret ingredient for heat | 2:49
Sold in 2005 | 3:40
Two top sellers | 4:21
Another barbecue business | 5:18
Started with $2,000 | 6:03
Best-selling barbecue sauce | 6:42
Keto-friendly sauces | 7:22

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