Who Says Women Aren't Funny?

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This week, The Swaddle team explores the 'women aren't funny' stereotype, and the history of how humour became a space reserved for men.

Edited by: Neha Shekhawat
Presented by: Anahita Sachdev
Research: Anamika Sudhakar
Produced by: Shrishti Malhotra
Creative Supervisor: Karla Bookman

Want to learn more about the research in this video? Check out these readings:

-Sanborn, Kate. The wit of women. Funk & Wagnalls, 1885.
-Streip, Katharine."Just a Cérébrale": Jean Rhys, Women's Humor, and Ressentiment." Representations 45 (1994): 117-144.
-Kim, Jean. "Women and Their Struggle to Be Considered Funny as Told through the Study of Female Standup Comics." (2019).

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