Why 50 Cent Stopped Performing At His Own Shows

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Why 50 Cent Stopped Performing At HIs Own Shows

Make your money work for you

“Duck, the goal is to make money when you are sleep” ⁣

My brother Derren Chapman told me this when I was in college. ⁣

Our junior year. ⁣

I was a psych major. ⁣

Didn’t know wtf he was talking about. ⁣

To make money, you have to be present. ⁣

You can make money sleep. ⁣

But that was my consumer mentality. ⁣

I didn’t have my creator mentality yet. ⁣

Derren was talking about vending machines. ⁣

And how they can make money when we aren’t around. ⁣

But this applies to damn near any business. ⁣

Especially the music business or anything digital. ⁣

My music gets streamed all day. ⁣

All over the world. ⁣

And I get paid from it. ⁣

Which allows me to focus on Group 82 Media.

50 Cent was getting paid for shows he didn’t perform in. ⁣

Which freed him up to hunt for more revenue-generating opportunities. ⁣

Do you make money when you are sleep?⁣


Share with everyone. ⁣

You might change someone’s life. ⁣

I wanna know ⁣

Comment in the comments. ⁣


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