Winter Storm Isaiah to Affect Millions With Heavy Snow, Flooding Rains, Severe Weather and ice!

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Hello everyone! Winter Storm Isaiah is now official!! It looks like it’ll bring a massive amount and snow and be very widespread! It'll bring complete white out conditions and snowfall totals are looking super high! The low pressure system while move south bringing very very heavy rain as well as severe weather which we’ll talk about in another video. This winter storm could also bring strong winds with jet stream, bringing white out conditions with it’s heavy snow! This could be the biggest snow maker for parts of the Midwest and even all the way to the northeast! The snow while pick up a lot as it moves north with the winds, affecting major cities like Des Moises, Chicago, South Bend, Indianapolis and many more. Later on it while moves east bringing it’s heavy snow for Ontario and the Ohio Valley, bringing heavy snow for more big cities. It’s heaviest snow while being in the Northern Northeast by far. It could bring complete white out conditions and definitely travel issues! It could bring from 6 inches to a foot or more for areas in the Plains and Midwest and bring up to 2-3 feet in far northern NY, NH, VT and ME. I’ll keep an eye on this storm as more updates and come and i’ll post on them as soon as they come out. It'll also bring super heavy rain as well!could bring more significant flooding to the Ohio valley and Southeast! It will bring the heaviest rain for much of the weekend like the last system that we saw, and it'll bring a chance for severe weather! The soil is still wet this weeks storm that the chances for flash flooding are increasing rapidly! Multiple roads could close and there could even be power outages! 4-5 inches of rain is expected in the Ozarks but for the outer bands, they'll see 2-3 inches of rain! Severe weather will be a major threat as well! There could even be a moderate risk for severe weather on Saturday which is crazy! Tornadoes, hail and winds will be a major threat, especially in the south central!

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